I now take bookings for October. As it's Halloween month we are all in a particularly wicked mood at the House of Vespucci. As always, foot sessions cut to the front of the line!

I have decided to start adding customer testimonials on my website, from the clients that feel comfortable sharing things about their intimate moments with me. Depending on whether my client uses Fetlife, or wish to remain anonymous, the same testimonials can be found from my wall in Fetlife, posted by them.

Some of my favourite clients are most definitely foot fetishists. First of all, we usually share a love for beautiful stiletto heels, but more importantly, I am really fascinated by this fetish. It is fantastic to be able to actually make a person lose their mind by dangling my foot over their face, resting my feet on their face,...

I am now offering an opportunity for you to break free from any habits that you can't manage to drop on your own. This can be smoking, biting your nails, unhealthy eating habits, not getting your exercise done... Pretty much anything.

It is my utmost pleasure to say that we have negotiated a collaboration with a very gifted Finnish tattoo artist. Later this year, House of Vespucci will be releasing a very limited, hand printed edition of wearables. This edition will be entirely silk screen printed by hand by yours sincerely, making each item entirely unique. Show your support...

My calendar is quite full, but I can do a few bookings with new clients in Helsinki, Finland. Foot fetishists cut to the front of the line ;)

I will be visiting Pori briefly at the beginning of September. I have time to do one session. Get in touch to book!