Your tributes do not buy the Madame; they are your sign of respect to a sublime Goddess.

1 hour

Aftercare included


2 hours

Aftercare included


Discreet afternoon tea with ladies

Mentoring on how to become a Dominant for example, in your relationship

100€ / h/ person

Sub school

Mentoring on how to show submissive dedication to a woman for example, in a vanilla relationship. Please note that this is a discussion, not play session.

100 € /h/ person

1 hour domestic servitude (regulars only)

No play or aftercare included


2 hours of domestic servitude (regulars only)

No play or aftercare included


Custom photographs

Fetish friendly.

On request

Worn lingerie, nylons etc available on request

Ask separately via the contact form

On request

Specialty session prices on request. 

Ask separately via the contact form

The Madame does not do sessions that last overnight.

All sessions take place in Helsinki, Finland. 

A deposit is to be paid prior to each session, which will not be returned in case the submissive cancels the appointment or does not show up. The deposit will be deducted from the final cost of the session. No hidden costs -the session always includes space rent and aftercare. You will also have the possibility to shower.


Freely given, in adoration of Her

Donations are accepted via Paypal and our wishlist