House of Vespucci coat of arms;


Amore et Melle et Felle est Fecundissimus

The most honorable House of Vespucci is founded and run by Madame Simonetta Vespucci. The story of the Vespucci goes back hundreds of years in recorded history, entwines with artists, discovering lands and despite its most glorious feats being in Renaissance Florence, Madame Simonetta has a rich ancestry in medieval templar knights, French courts and later on, even Swedish nobility.

As the House's motto reminds us, love is a thing fruitful both in honey and in poison. The word Domina (latin) means a Lady or a Mistress of a house, and was originally used to refer to a woman of a high ranking status. In the House of Vespucci, Lady Simonetta is indeed the Domina; eternally in charge - and as such, she will always have final say. 

The House of Vespucci frequently corresponds with artists, photographers, composers and other creative, bright individuals. Aesthetics are present in everything that we do. Our standards are exceptional, and our Madame expects nothing less from the submissives seeking an audience with her.


  1. The Madame is a representative of a Goddess on Earth, and excepts to be treated accordingly.
  2. Poor manners are never acceptable.
  3. Being late is never acceptable.
  4. Brats are not tolerated, nor catered for.
  5. The Madame only does paid sessions.
  6. One must always be carefully dressed, well kept, hygienic, groomed and pleasant to look at when meeting with the Madame. Armpit hair must be removed.
  7. Biting nails is forbidden.
  8. Smoking and drugs are forbidden, as is excess drinking.
  9. Physical fitness is mandatory: a healthy mind in a healthy body. Submissives must also be prepared to cater for the Madame's fetish of forced exercise.
  10. Submissives in service are representatives of the Madame and her House. They must always remember this, and act accordingly.
  11. No talking back, no disrespect. Do not vex the Madame with your petty little opinions.
  12. The Madame is not a charity worker. Tributes are not negotiable.
  13. The Madame is not a submissive. 
  14. The Madame does not exist to fulfill your fantasies, nor does she engage in coitus with her submissives -after all, they are not worthy of such.
  15. The Madame dresses as she pleases, and never appears naked in sessions. Submissives dress as instructed.
  16. Genuine submissives only -be very certain that you wish to be dominated.
  17. Intelligence, knowledge, exercise, artistry.
  18. Gifting elegant flowers is never wrong.
  19. Good deeds might be rewarded, poor ones will always deserve a punishment. As a submissive, you accept this as the natural order of things.
  20. Do not try to control or top from the bottom -you are not in charge.
  21. A submissive's purpose in life is to please, amuse and to serve the Madame.
  22. Any submissive applying to service must be willing and ready to take medical tests and to provide proof of the results if requested. 
  23. Any submissive applying to service must be familiar with the Madame's hard limits. These can be found on her page.
  24. As a submissive, you are expected to function sub rosa. This confidentiality works both ways -your secrets are safe at the House of Vespucci.
  25. Sessions can not be recorded in any way.