The Eternal Serpent-Star

BDSM is a form of art that allows me to pursue my religious path -as a devotee of a Goddess of sex and death, my persona and lifestyle as a dominant can not be separated. It is who I am, how I am. I do not cater for men or exist to fulfill their fantasies -I exist to fulfill my own. I am an aristocrat. I know my worth.

Madame Simonetta is a lifestyle Femdom, a goth Goddess, fashionista, creatrix and a sex witch. Her interests lie in poetry, literature, the occult, chess, philosophy, fine tea, arts, fashion and dominating beautiful, physically very fit submissive males. Intelligent, educated and witty, Madame Simonetta enjoys deep, stimulating conversations on various subjects, particularly on literature, history and arts. Her vast book collection is ever expanding, particularly on fields of poetry and erotica.

As a Dominant, Madame Simonetta is strict, attentive to detail, vampiric and imaginative. She is demanding and naturally in charge of a situation. For her, only the best will do. As a lifestyle Dominant, she revels in deep connections with her submissives and only engages in things that interest her, with people that interest her. This is not a pretend game, and anyone applying to be a submissive in a session must understand this. 

Extreme exercise control, body worship, caning, forniphilia, female supremacy, edging, smothering and male chastity are close to her heart -or they would be, if she had one. 

Madame Simonetta likes to guide and train beginners, as they can be tailored to meet her requirements. From her guys she expects a good attitude, impeccable manners, devotion and adoration absolute. At the House of Vespucci, female supremacy is a given -the Madame does not serve you. You serve her. 

The Madame only does paid sessions.

Madame's hard limits:

- Illegalities

-Drugs, smoking, excess alcohol use

- Brats

- Scat

- Vomit

- Blood play

- Intercourse