My forced exercise kink


So I love fit guys. I find that this is sometimes difficult for people to stomach, as we are supposed to accept all manner of bodies. Let's be clear -I do accept all kind of bodies, but all kind of bodies just do not turn me on. Everyone has preferences, whether or not they admit it. I would think it much more unfair to discard people based on their height as there is nothing a person can do about that, whether they wish to or not. But somehow this is never mentioned. Hating heights (or lows) is for some reason ok.

My kink for fit bodies stems from a few things. Firstly, when a guy is obviously a lot stronger physically than I am yet still yields to me I get extra pleasure as my mind is superior to their body.

Secondly, sometimes my sessions are physically taxing. I prefer it when a person is physically able to hold difficult postures for extended periods of time, to be my pony, or to simply lift me up and carry me around if I feel like it. I get whims.

Thirdly, I love dedication and determination in a person. To commit to an excruciating exercise routine because it gives me pleasure is a form of dedication. You see, I want to be there in the thoughts of my sub every time they hit the gym. On every dreaded leg day, I am there. Every time it rains cats and dogs but a 15 kilometre run is on the schedule, you will go out. When you are shaking uncontrollably, throwing up in the gym bin due to pushing yourself so hard, but still somehow collect yourself because it is what amuses and pleases me, you are my kind of guy.

Fourth, it is healthy to be in good shape. I value my sub's health and care about this, physically and mentally both. It's great to be there for that journey into self discovery. Being physically fit as I instruct means healthier habits as well, such as a good diet and not smoking (which is a hard limit for me).

Fifth, control. Need I say more?

Sixth, pairing up exercise with chastity is a great motivator. I love the idea that you are out there, turning heads, but you are not allowed to do anything about it. Only I have the keys to your happiness. But of course, I will ruin you, so many times. 

And obviously, it's wonderful to look at a body like that. I love leaving scratch marks all over that body. It belongs to me. You belong to me. Completely, utterly, blissfully. Ah.

-Madame Simonetta

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