Midnight Mindfuck Theatre


I like to describe D/s exchange as a form of theatre art. This by no means belittles the act, quite the contrary. Theatre is an ancient form of art that allows us to safely explore moods, emotions and topics that can be otherwise hard to access. And just like in a play, the act is directed, by the Dominant. There are rules. There is a framework and a flow. She is responsible for setting the stage and the mood with every detail. And when this is done well, the submissive can begin to ease into the correct mindset instantly as he enters the temple of play. This then makes my task as a Dominant easier.

For myself, aesthetics are everything. I spend a lot of time considering the correct impression, my own mood and the impressions my submissive has been showing. Do I wish to seduce or frighten today? Is the goddess a Venus with soft, red lips and perfumes? Or is she the Scarlet whore with crop at hand and an evil smile that evokes both nervousness and lust? Or perhaps she is the haughty countess who never smiles, with eyes as dark as the night and ice in her veins? And what about him? Is he emotionally strong enough today for certain kind of play, or would he benefit from a softer, wicked approach?

The body will always betray the submissive. If you know what you are looking for, you will be able to read them. Look for the size of their pupils, feel their pulse. Feel their palms. Smell their scent. Observe their posture and how they place their hands. What does it tell you?

I personally love mind fucks. I love to work the submissive into a proper state before I even touch them. It is like a beautiful game of chess where every move seeks to seize control, to confuse, frighten, to evoke lust, and to shatter their defence. To make them surrender the board, and to make a queen of me. I study my submissive, I learn how to push their buttons.

Very quickly they can think of little else besides me. And when the dreams begin, well. It is too late to run then.

-Madame Simonetta

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