Favourite fetishists pt. 1


Some of my favourite clients are most definitely foot fetishists. First of all, we usually share a love for beautiful stiletto heels, but more importantly, I am really fascinated by this fetish. It is fantastic to be able to actually make a person lose their mind by dangling my foot over their face, resting my feet on their face, making them crawl behind me as I slowly and very deliberately stalk ahead of them, showing off the soles of my feet ever so casually as if by a mistake. All of this makes me feel very powerful, and I love power.

What I also love is preparing for foot sessions, choosing the kind of shoes that show off that toe cleavage slightly as a little tease, thinking of the best colours, looking forward to having my toes sucked, pushing my feet so deep inside someone's mouth that it makes them gag. Of course, that is nearly not everything that one can do with their feet. Care to know more? Well, darling foot freaks, book a session!

-Madame Simonetta