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Statue of Attis castrated
Statue of Attis castrated

This is about submissive males and the assumptions I encounter in my daily life regarding this.

The assumption goes that allowing domination on yourself from a woman is a sign of weakness. That submissive men are weak. That they have no self respect, and are somehow lesser men. This is actually a deeply chauvinistic thought that has formulated over centuries of conditioning via constructed authorities; religion, ruling class, law and so forth. Submission in a male is almost seen as some sort of illness.

If I would blame certain streaks of religion on these attitudes (and I do), I can also search for answers in other types of religious practices, out of which the rites of Cybele are a rather extreme example of a male initiative in worship of the Magna Mater; our dark mother, the rites of blood and self castration of her priests. Of course to the Apollonian mindset this seems complete madness, and it is insanity. But the ancients knew the benefit of insanity and ecstasy as a way of attaining a union with the gods. Dionysus enticed women to mad rites of violent bloodshed, intoxication and dancing in the mountains. Herein we see again, going against the grain in search of liberty.

If I have learned one thing, for my submissives, the act of submission is liberty. Controversially, when decision making and choices are removed, one by one, a great feeling of peace and freedom seems to set in their mind. Their eyes become bright and somehow unfocused, as if slightly intoxicated. From somewhere inside their soul, their true self begins to emerge. I allow it, entice it, encourage it. This is a kind of ritual madness, and for my Attis, the goddess walks the earth.

I love strong men. Yielding takes great courage. Admitting one's desires and being comfortable with them takes guts. Submissive men are the most tenacious, determined and ambitious men I know. For them what seems to matter is the achievement not so much dictated by the expectations of the world outside them, but by their inner world. To see a strong man like this brought to his knees before me brings me immense pleasure. They come to me with a gift; their body and a window into their soul. And what could be better than that?

So to you, wonderful submissive men; I see you, beauties.

-Madame Simonetta, January 26th, 2022

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