Break your nasty habits!


I am now offering an opportunity for you to break free from any habits that you can't manage to drop on your own. This can be smoking, biting your nails, unhealthy eating habits, not getting your exercise done... Pretty much anything.

What I need from you is honesty and commitment. I will get you to break a bad habit with my punishment and reward based system. I will treat you mercilessly, and excuses do not interest me. As every person is a little different, I will choose the rewards and punishments that I feel work the best for you.

Examples can include forced exercise (and we are NOT talking of a little slap on the wrist here), chastity in which I can be your keyholder, to having to do embarrassing things to those who are interested of public humiliation. All communication will be done online.

Depending on how bad your habit is, it generally takes three to eight weeks to break it. So quit being disgusting and become your best self under the iron fisted guidance of Madame Simonetta! 

Get in touch to discuss details! Pricing starts at 100 € / week

-Madame Simonetta