The only way to seek contact with Madame is via the form below.

We do not respond to disrespectful or tasteless messages. Service is meant for genuine subs, who understand the rules and special nature of serving a Goddess. The Madame chooses whom she grants her attention to, not the other way around. All correspondence and sessions are held in English, in Helsinki, Finland. Information of tours outside of Finland will be announced on this website.

Applying as a Submissive

As her time is precious, conduct your message carefully. Madame Simonetta does not chat with anyone, does not share tips, does not grant second chances and will vet you very carefully. 

Please note that your message goes via a secretary who weeds out time wasters. We kindly remind you that sessions are only possible with people who are of age (18+). Every client must be prepared to show their ID prior to a session to ensure this.

It is vital to be honest in filling out this form. It is extremely important that the Madame gets a realistic idea of your wishes, wants and limits - this ensures a successful session.